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fr roncyFr. Agnel Central School situated in the powerful ambience of Govapuri, the ancient port capital of Goa, is an epitome of Catholic Holistic Education. While the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), to which Fr. Agnel Central School is affiliated, envisions ''a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavour'', the latter permeates this vision of the CBSE with the mission statement of the Catholic Education Policy, ''to provide education of Quality and Relevance to every child specially the Catholics and the marginalized'', thus whispering hope for the minorities and the children of a pre-dominantly rural neighbourhood.

Fr. Agnel Central School, founded in 2008, is one foundational unit of a progressively dynamic Educational Complex in Pilar, managed by the Xaverian Educational Society (XES) (a Registered Society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860). A student that enters this vibrant campus as a kindergarten student finds a home and a laboratory at the same time. The ''home type'' comfortable atmosphere in this campus propels every student to explore the diversity of talents (one is blessed with) and along with the infused knowledge is kept in good stead to develop corresponding skills and a fine attitude to life. Our students following the motto of the school ''Growing in Fullness'' are formed to be physically fit, mentally focussed, emotionally balanced and spiritually inspired.

While moving up the rungs of school education, the campus provides opportunities of higher learning at the same campus. This is indeed a big benefit to a major chunk of our students (who come from the neighbouring rural areas). This school fits into the thrust of XES ''to bring quality and relevant education'' to this rural area of the Ilhas region bringing the village native students to heights of excellence. Consequently, some of our students may enter our campus as a K.G student and will eventually move out of the campus with a legitimate doctorate or a post-graduate degree or diploma. That's where lies the enormous impact of belonging to Pilar Educational Complex.

All the activities in the school campus are meant to develop students holistically into responsible national & global citizens. Fr. Agnel Central School remains committed to provide a proactive learning campus that will develop the required competence and confidence in the students and their parents to produce enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace in the country and in the cosmos.



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